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About Cotton Linen

Cotton and linen are cotton and linen blends. There are advantages of cotton and hemp.

Cotton: good comfort, soft feel, strong sweat absorption;
Hemp: It has the advantages of cool and breathable, and is known as "natural air conditioning".

Cotton and linen and cotton have their own characteristics, and it is not possible to say purely which is better and which is not! The summer weather is hot and easy to sweat, suitable for wearing cotton or linen clothes. When the weather is cold, it is suitable to wear pure cotton clothes to keep warm.


Washing method of cotton and linen clothes
Cotton and linen clothes are soft in texture. If you use a washing machine to vigorously shake them, the clothes will easily deform and wrinkle. Therefore, cotton and linen clothes are best washed by hand. If there are too many clothes and you don’t have time or energy to wash them by hand, you can put the clothes in a laundry bag and use the gentle gear of the washing machine for washing.

How to dry cotton and linen clothes
For colored fabrics, it is necessary to avoid sun exposure, because sun exposure will reduce the firmness of the clothes, and even cause the clothes to fade and turn yellow. Therefore, you must avoid exposure to the sun. It is a good practice to dry the clothes on the reverse side.

Hand-painted clothes must not expose the hand-painted part to the sun, preferably in a cool environment.

Clothes with wrinkled satin cloth, the clothes of this kind of cloth have natural wrinkles. When hanging, if the hanging method is adopted, it is easy to make the natural wrinkles of the clothes stretched, and the clothes will become larger and larger, so drying this way The clothes should be tiled, if possible, you can find a net bag, put the clothes in the net bag, and then dry it.


How to recover the shrinkage of cotton and linen clothes
The fibers of the shrunken clothes are heated with a steam iron, and then with both hands, the fibers can be stretched while hot. In order to ensure uniform fiber stretching, we can use local, segmented, sub-section, heating and stretching methods for clothing. It is impossible to stretch many fibers at a time, and it is necessary to repeat heating and stretching many times. Before stretching, the total length of the stretch should be counted, so that the stretch length of each section is also counted. After all the stretches are applied, the total length should be measured. If the length is not enough, it can be repeated.

Pay particular attention not to oversize the size, and finally make appropriate adjustments. The operation should be carried out on the ironing table, and a blanket can be laid on the desktop at home. After all is completed, it is best to be heated and shaped and cooled and shaped by the portrait machine.

What to do if the cotton and linen clothes fade
The first few times when the cotton and linen clothing is launched, the floating color will fade away. The darker the color, the more obvious the floating color will be. Don't worry when you see a basin of "ink water" for the first wash. It will become clear after changing the water several times. Buyers who often do laundry have this life experience, which is to fix the color with salt water. This method may not be immediate, so it is recommended that buyers do not mix and wash the first few times, and do not use washing powder, disinfectant and other ingredients that hurt the color directly. Touch clothing.

Recommended washing method: pickling method. Raw materials required: edible vinegar. This trick is mainly aimed at brightly colored cotton clothes and knitwear such as red or purple. The method is to add some ordinary vinegar to the washing water for a while before washing these clothes! But the amount of vinegar cannot be too much, otherwise it is easy to dye light-colored clothes. If you can wash clothes like this often, you can ensure that the color of the clothes is as clean as new! If the clothes are washed and then rinsed in clear water with two glasses of beer, the discolored areas can be recolored.


How to do the folds of cotton and linen clothes
Pure natural things are less resistant to wrinkles, and casual wrinkles are the temperament of cotton and linen. The way to take care of it is to spray some water vapor locally. The cotton and linen clothes have a good sense of drape. In order to make the wearing effect more perfect, iron it before wearing. Cotton and linen fabrics are usually ironed at a medium temperature of 160℃-180℃.

If you don't wear it, you can stack the clothes washed after drying and hang them neatly or hang them in a cool and ventilated place.


What to do if the cotton and linen clothes turn yellow
White clothes made of cotton and linen are easier to wash and yellower. For this problem, we can add the washing powder to the boiling water, then immerse the clothes and cook them for about 30 minutes to make the clothes white and clean.

(The above method is for reference only)